phone_m_2_bl_rt.jpg Amy Gahran’s Contentious outlines 7 formats for writing a blog. Want to learn more about writing a business blog? Tune in Wednesday, October 20th at 1 PM EST for BlogWrite: a 75-minute WordBiz teleseminar. Don K. Crowther and I will reveal a step-by-step formula for writing an effective business blog. We’ll answer questions such as:
– Should it be edited?
– Who should write it?
– What do you write about?
– How do you develop a blogging “voice” & style appropriate for your company or organization?
– How do you develop a corporate blogging policy?

If you can’t attend on Oct. 20th, you can order the Audio CD and edited PDF transcript.

Amy Gahran’s 7 blog posting styles are: 1) link-only; 2) link blurb; 3) brief remark; 4) list; 5) short article; 6) long article; 7) series postings.