Oh, if only it were this easy to write a book.

I just “exported” the contents of my BlogWrite For CEOs blog into a text file; then turned it into a Word doc.

404 pages. 82,097 words.

That covers the almost one year I’ve been blogging at BlogWrite (November 2004 to date). I’ve also got a blog at www.DebbieWeil.com that I began in June 2003.

Now if I could just press “publish” and send it on up to Adrian Zackheim, Will Weisser, Adrienne Schultz and the rest of the team at Penguin Porfolio. Though they’ve asked me for approximately 200 pages and 50,000 words. Well, we’ll just do a quick edit and cut it down. No sweat. (I’m kidding if that isn’t obvious.)

So blooking sounds cool. (Definition here and here.) I’m interpreting the term loosely, of course. But it’s just not the same as writing a real book. And really, would you want to read my unorganized musings instead of an organized narrative (which will have more stuff in it too)?

BTW, here’s a blook-in-progress: Hackoff.com. It’s a murder mystery by Tom Evslin set in the dot com bubble. Unfolding blog-like on a blog. And have you heard about the new Lulu Blooker Prize for Blooks?