I just spotted Tim Ferriss in gray sweatshirt and jeans running up the stairs at the Inc. 5000 conference here in Washington DC. Meantime, hundreds of suited entrepreneurs, whose companies are being honored at Inc.‘s annual conference, obediently rode the escalator next to him, all bound for Jim Collins’ presentation on the main stage.

Here’s Tim(othy) a few moments later, politely posing for a photo, even though he confessed to being completely jet lagged. He just arrived from a speaking gig in Wales, where he was fascinated to hear people “actually speaking Welsh.” No, he did not try to learn Welsh in two days. But he did learn shwmae (shoo-my) which means, “how ya doing.” Tim, in case you’ve been living in a hole for the past year, is the 31-year-old author of the wildly bestselling 4-Hour Work Week.

Here’s my video interview with Tim from November 2007.

The obvious question for today… you choose the path to success: the stairs or the escalator?