Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, is shutting down one of his blogs, Working Smart. Interestingly, the one he’s continuing, From Where I Sit, is more of a
“here’s what I’m doing and seeing as a CEO” blog. Working Smart was
more often about productivity, cool tools and other stuff that caught
his eye. He explains:

“I’ve decided to close up shop on this blog for now. I will continue writing—as I have time—on my From Where I Sit
blog. But, it’s just too difficult to maintain two blogs. Heck, I’m
having trouble maintaining one. So, I have decided to simplify my life
and consolidate my writing activity.”

– Michael Hyatt

Gracefully put. And a good way to tie the knot on a blog. Which, BTW, he’ll leave up: “There are some good posts, I think, and I hate to lose them.”

Mike is one of the CEOs I interview extensively in The Corporate Blogging Book (Chapter 5: Should the CEO Blog?).