zane_safrit.jpgIn the second edition of The Corporate Blogging Show (Nov. 21, 2006), CEO blogger Zane Safrit and I talked about how he was inspired to start a blog by Seth Godin and how he views his blog as an integral part of his marketing strategy.

Zane uses his blog as a creative white board, a place for him to clarify his thinking and to experiment with the multimedia services (audio & video) that his teleconferencing company, Conference Calls Unlimited, is expanding into – a key differentiator in a crowded market.

I quoted from The Corporate Blogging Book (pages 20 – 21):

“Blogging helps me articulate and refine ideas in a linear fashion… ideas I may be thinking about for our company. So blogging improves my ability to communicate with my employees.”
– Zane Safrit

Zane riffed; I listened. This was a good show.

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Full disclosure

Conference Calls Unlimited is a sponsor of The Corporate Blogging Show on VoiceAmerica (TM) Business.

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