Guardian_fiona_walsh_story That’s according to Fiona Walsh, business editor of The Guardian Unlimited, in a nice write-up of The Corporate Blogging Book in today’s Guardian: Why CEOs should learn to love the blog.

She mentions two Brit exec bloggers: Carphone Warehouse CEO Charles Dunstone (he’s just started blogging again after a gap of several months) and Macmillan CEO Richard Charkin (a regular blogger and a good read, with his comments about the publishing industry and specific books he’s interested in).

Fiona took me out for a lunch interview last month when I was in London. Very enjoyable. We went to a trendy pub restaurant near Covent Garden.The face-to-face interview is so old-fashioned these days. It’s too bad. I can’t think of a single US reporter who’s met with me before doing a story.

Read Fiona’s article.