Well I’m thoroughly tickled to be included on Alltop Social Media. Alltop is Guy Kawasaki’s newest venture. Start here and check out the categories on Career, Dads, Moms, Science and Twitterati. Of course there’s also News and Politics.

P.S. Full disclosure: I know Guy from some years back (and I’m an unabashed fan). I emailed him and asked if he’d consider adding my blog. He freely admits on the About page that he does *not* “choose what’s on Alltop with…

“a patent-pending, semantic computational algorithm derived from the post-doctoral work of Guy at Stanford.”

According to the site, the Alltop team “relies on several sources: results of Google searches, review of the
sites’ and blogs’ content, researchers, and our “gut” plus the
recommendations of the Twitter community, owners of the sites and
blogs, and people who care enough to write to us.”

What’s slightly odd to me is that while Alltop relies completely on RSS to syndicate — or pull in — the feeds to all the blogs it displays, you can’t subscribe to the Alltop Social Media page or any other category. In other words, the site itself doesn’t offer any feeds. Very retro.