Jetlagged… so won’t try to be witty. Just a huge thanks (xiè xiè) to Sabrina Dorr with Edelman Beijing for picking me up at the airport. A fun dinner tonight at the cool, crowded and noisy Jin Ding Xuan restaurant near the Lamah Temple.

Photo left to right: Bao Lei, director of corporate communications for Johnson & Johnson’s Olympics Sponsorship; Sabrina (aka Sabs) with Edelman; yours truly and Sharon Zhang, also with J & J. Full disclosure: J & J is an Edelman client.

This was a purely social evening but we did discuss corporate blogging and how or why it could benefit a company like Johnson & Johnson, with multiple brands. (See video of Bao signing the new Chinese edition of my book!) Interestingly, neither Bao nor Sharon had heard about J & J’s new BTW (By the Way) corporate blog, launched in June 2007.

I don’t take this as ignorance on their part (both speak fluent English). I interpret it as a deliberately under-the-radar approach to blogging by J & J’s media relations team in the U.S. Food for thought (yes, it was delicious)…