Content is still king. It’s also queen, prince, princess and every underling you can imagine. That’s according to a report released this week by Pew: Content Creation Online. According to the new study, 44% of U.S. Internet users have posted “their thoughts and files” to the Web. Of course, that includes audio & video files, digital photos and… words.

What’s the significance? Americans are becoming fluent in using the Web for personal and business communication… and recreation. No surprise, really. The most prevalent kind of content creation is posting photos to the Web (21% have done that). And at the tail end, only 2% of Americans are blogging.

A group called “content omnivores” (I love this) are power users and creators. Their average age is 40, they are employed, and have a broadband connection at home. You can download the 16-page PDF report here.