Thanks to Kami Huyse for organizing a really fun PR bloggers meet-up last night in downtown Washington D.C. It was worth the slog through the heat to get down to Spezie on L Street.

It seems like Edelman is snatching up bloggers left and right (OK, pun intended as Mike Krempasky, now a VP in Edelman’s D.C. office, is founder of

So Mike was there, along with Jeff HarrellChris Abraham (who joined Edelman three months ago), Erin Caldwell (just joined D.C. office) and Leah Jones (also brand new to Edelman).

Leah is based in Edelman’s Chicago office and is part of Edelman’s super-cool me2revolution group. Other members are Rick Murray in Chicago, Phil Gomes in L.A., and of course my favorite 24X7 blogger, Steve Rubel in nyc.

We talked about the upcoming BlogHer (SOOO sorry I can’t make it; I was invited to be on one of the un-panels), a little about the D.C. launch of The Corporate Blogging Book next week… and don’t remember what else arcane stuff about search engine optimizing your blog (thanks Chris). There were some other folks there as well; sorry I didn’t get everyone’s name.