One of the great things about participating in a three-day conference like Blog Business Summit is meeting in the flesh people you’ve been interacting with online. (I ran a session featuring dueling corporate blogs: GM’s Fastlane blog vs. Intuit’s QuickBooks Online blog.)

Dave Tayor, who ran the BBS’s popular Blogging 101 pre-conference session, has penned a thoughtful article on this topic: The Critical Business Value of Attending Conferences. BTW, it’s been hugely fun for me to meet Dave in person for the first time after several years of email correspondence. It was also wonderful to get to know Tris Hussey better. He lives and works on a tiny island off the coast of Canada, near Vancouver. The lucky guy.

In addition, I’ve had the chance to meet a handful of whip-smart A-list women bloggers. In no order, a tip of the hat to Mary Hodder, Sally Falkow, Laurie Mayers, Rebecca Blood, Molly Holzschlag and Evelyn Rodriguez – all of whom presented at BBS. It’s been a thrill…

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