Podcastlogo1_2_1I had to get this up right away. It’s so cool! Click here [MP3] to listen to my first mini podcast, produced in 30 minutes under the skillful direction of Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts. Stephan created a musical intro (yeah, my favorite part) out of a mix from GarageBand. It’s a 1 minute and 50-second interview with Tris Hussey of Qumana and Larix Consulting: “What’s so great about podcasts?” I asked Tris. “Well,” he said, “I feel like I’m creating my own radio show.” We caught Tris off guard (he’s based in British Columbia) by phoning him through my Skype account.

You’ll hear some background noise, as Stephan and I are sitting in the massive hall of the World Congress Center in Atlanta at the DMA’s mega conference. Stephan moderated a panel I was on this morning about emerging technologies for direct marketers. Seated next to me during the podcast was Mr. RSS himself, Rok Hrastnik of Slovenia. Rok was at the DMA with a dozen or so colleagues from Studio Moderna, Central and Eastern Europe’s direct marketing giant.

Oh, and Stephan hails from New Zealand. Talk about a global conversation…

I’ll update this later with pointers to the other software we used to record the call via Skype and turn it into a podcast.

The notable point is that we created this podcast in just a few minutes using nothing but a Mac laptop, Skype, some free software to record and “digitize” the call, my iPod headphones and one $32 app (Audio Hijack Pro) that enhances the audio.

The trick is something about mixing the input from your own microphone with the output from Skype (Stephan patiently tried to explain to me). Anyway, I’m hooked. Very fun. Thank you Stephan!

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Download the podcast MP3 [01:50] You gotta listen! It’s less than two minutes. 

Useful Links

Audio Hijack Pro


SoundFlower (for Mac)

Logitech USB headset (which I still need to order)

How to Record a Podcast by Glenn Fleishman