Do you love cupcakes? Groove on social networking? Don’t miss the next Sweets and Tweets on Nov. 17, 2009. I’ve invited the inimitable Mark Drapeau (Washington Life calls him a Social Media Bon Vivant) to talk about social networking, the two dirtiest words in Government 2.0. Social networking on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is not about being social or frivolous or wasting time. Social networking can improve the process of government. 

Mark will talk about why social networking is more than collaboration and how it’s OK that the line between work and play is increasingly blurred. Registration for this private, after-hours event at the very cool Baked & Wired in Georgetown (best cupcakes in America) is limited because of the size of the venue. Don’t wait if you’re interested in attending. And if you’re reading about Sweets and Tweets here, use discount code sweeter3 to get 50% off.

Neighborhood America, a very interesting company that has been doing things in the Gov 2.0 space before we called it Gov 2.0, is sponsoring this edition of Sweets and Tweets.  Neighborhood America develops enterprise social media solutions for public sector, non-profit and Fortune 1000 clients. One of their private sector projects is the content-rich American Express OpenForum.  Neighborhood America’s CIO Jim Haughwout is flying up from Flordia to attend the event.

More info about the next Sweets and Tweets and register here