Ohhh… Dave Taylor and I are having fun over on BusinessBlogConsulting.com, the group blog we both contribute to. Check it out. Read the comments below Dave’s post (“GM FastLane Blog begins to reflect the troubles of the corporation?”) for our back and forth volley on how GM’s Fastlane blog should be handling the giant automaker’s giant financial woes. I say, give them more time to sort out how to allude to this elephant. As I wrote:

“Blogging is an imperfect, messy tool strategy. And it’s going to be adapted and
will evolve as more and more companies use it as a marketing strategy.
It’s premature to say that corporate blogging has to be done a certain
way or else the blog is a failure.”

Dave says, nope. They’ve blown it already by continuing with cheery blog entries. He calls special attention to this post by GM VP Mark LaNeve defending the Red Tag marketing strategy.

Not that I don’t think GM could do better on their blog. I do concur with the queasy feeling that being too cheery right now is kind of like whistling dixie while your ship sinks under you. (Or however that expression goes.)

Our point – counterpoint on a third-party blog is just so… bloggy. I mean, Dave and I could be doing this via email. But we’re not. Kinda what makes the blogging thing fun.