Thanks to the ever alert Steve Rubel for putting me on to this. Have you elfed yourself?

Here’s how I made a total elf of myself. Be sure to turn up your sound!

Happy holidays dear readers

Here’s to your health, happiness (and prosperity) in 2007. Thank you for your support, your interest and your many kind comments.

A great example of viral marketing

Office Max’s Elf Yourself is a perfect example of effective viral marketing. It’s pointless; it’s fun; you can’t wait to share it. And it creates a good feeling about Office Max. (Run your cursor over the discrete Office Max logo in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Clever.)

P.S. Yes this is retro

My son just looked at this and was totally unimpressed. Not that funny and very retro, he said. Then again, I’m his mother. You decide…