Never should have gotten started with this today… it’s totally addictive. Click on this link and you’ll see the beginnings of my social bookmarking (which is part of the social networking phenomenon). Sarah Lewis turned me on to this (thanks Sarah!) and now I can’t stop. In a nutshell, lets you do three things:

1. Quickly tag, annotate and save links you want to refer to later.

Rather than sending emails to yourself (am I the only one who does this??) or struggling with an endlessly long bookmarks folder in your browser, you can use to organize your links. Normally, you can only find your browser bookmarks on your own computer, of course. With, you can log in from anywhere and see your own bookmarked pages. You tag (i.e. assign keywords) and annotate them so you (and anyone else) can see why you bookmarked them. It’s totally cool.

2. Enable  others to see what links you find significant and how you’ve tagged them.

I.e. see  Note the tiny pink highlighted link under “Blogs Will Change Your Business.” As I write, 161 other people have linked to this Business Week (May 3, 2005) cover story. That number will probably be higher by the time you read this.

3. Search on tags (think of them as keywords) you’re seeking information about.

For example, click on  Now you see what everyone else interested in this topic has linked to.

BONUS: Subscribe via RSS

Of course, you can subscribe via RSS to anyone else’s list of tags… or your own for that matter. Or on a category (like business+blogging) that you’re interested in.

Just set up a free account and you’re ready to rip… but beware if you have a deadline for something else.

And whence the name
Oh, and do you get it about the name “delicious”? The folks behind this service wanted a URL that spells out an easy-to-remember (and fun, like google) word. So… they chose a .us domain extension. And set up “del.” as the subdomain. Clever branding, huh?!

Forgot to mention. Flickr (acquired in March 2005 by Yahoo) does the same thing for photos that does for links.