InthisissueDoes Your Company Belong in the Blogosphere? is the title of a solid article that was posted this week to Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge site. References all the usual suspects from GM’s Bob Lutz, to Boeing, Sun Microsystems, Jonathan Schwartz’s blog and Stonyfield Farms. It’s re-printed from the paid subscription Harvard Management Communication Letter.

Backstory: I gave author and business writer Katherine Heires a quick jaunt through the corporate blogosphere when she called me. And was lucky enough to get a couple of nice quotes. Scroll down to see the pull-out quote the HBS editors chose: “Don’t let the PR department write your blog – Debbie Weil.”

That’s not always true, BTW. Stonyfield Farms’ [weird slip of the keyboard on my part!] Kryptonite’s director of PR, Donna Tocci, has just started a blog, although it looks to be quasi personal. Or perso-professional as such hybrid blogs are called. But the statement makes for a good sound bite.

Steve Rubel calls the piece Harvard Business School’s:

“… obligatory article
about the power of corporate blogging for public relations. What’s
notable about this piece, however, is the advice offered by experts on
how to have a distinct focus, feature distinctive voices while
remaining open to comments.”

Oh, and Katherine Heires has a nifty little article in a recent issue of Business 2.0, on pitching VCs with a podcast: Podcasting Meets the Elevator Pitch.