Amazing how perception of who’s online, who’s blogging and who’s using social media lags far behind the reality. If you’re a marketer, are you still thinking about social media, including blogs and social networks, as channels to reach a young audience? Think again. A few touchpoints:

  • 56% of those ages 65 – 69 are now online
  • 45% of those 70 – 74 are using the Internet

That’s according to stats from eMarketer: Online Generation Gap Narrows. Some of eMarketer’s numbers come from a new Pew Internet Project report: Generations Online in 2009. Not surprisingly, researching health information online is a preferred activity of seniors.

Here’s another stat I love:

  • 44% of YouTube’s users are ages 45 – 55+

Chart is from a nifty July 2008 PDF that YouTube published.

Food for thought if you’re thinking about how to reach your target audience this year.

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