PRWeb is a nifty service for distributing your press releases online. But the good folks behind it need a blogging lesson. I’m going to hold up their latest post (it’s old too… nothing new since Nov. 4, 2004) as an example of how & what not to write in a business blog:

“PRWeb Founder David McInnis and Director of Stategic Channels Mick Jolly will host a booth at the WebmasterWorld’s World Search Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will take place on November 16th through the 18th and will be held at the beautiful Las Vegas Convention Center.

If you are in Las Vegas for business and fun come by and say hello. We would love to meet you.

If you are like us you will enjoy all that is taking place during the show as well as the after hours get togethers and other local entertainment.

P.S. If you can’t meet us there, stay tuned for future events.”

Here’s what’s wrong with this blog entry:

  • it’s stiff
  • not compelling
  • prompts the “Who cares?” question
  • it’s a mini press release (“Hey, we’ll be at a conference; come to our booth!”)
  • not believable (is the Las Vegas convention center really “beautiful”? If so, show us a photo)
  • doesn’t reveal anything “behind the scenes” (trade show booths are a dime a dozen; tell us what’s special or different about yours. Do you have an interesting theme? Cool giveaways??
  • yawn

You get the picture. Be specific, tell a story, give your readers the scoop, make us want to learn more about PRWeb…