Here’s an example of how NOT to promote a new CEO blog… with a press release issued before the public launch of the blog.

“The Nautique Insider, the marine industry’s first CEO blog, will be
updated 2-4 times a month and be posted on the Correct Craft website,
The blog will contain exciting information about Correct Craft
including entries related to developments at the company, events,
products or other topics.”
full press release


This is PR 1.0, a press release written in corporate-ese and pressed into service to promote a PR 2.0 initiative.  Well, they’re touting it as a 2.0 initiative.  I smell a ghostblogger(s) for CEO Bill Yeargin behind this one. Also, as the blog isn’t live yet (I don’t see a link from the Correct Craft home page), why promote it??