Yesterday’s teleconference for The Corporate Blogging Book was a lot of fun. There were nine participants, each of whom purchased five copies of my new book from 800-CEO-Read.

One caller, Cathy Chatfield-Taylor, was energetic enough to take really good notes. Inspired by her efforts, I added a few things (and corrected a few things). Then the 10 of us agreed to offer anyone who’s interested the summary transcript as a PDF download.

Here are some of the questions we addressed. They were submitted by participants, an interesting mix of consultants, corporate marketers and non-profit advocacy professionals.

Questions (see PDF for answers)

– What blog platform to use?

– How do you transition a blog from being a content management system to a more engaging interactive communications format?

– What do you do if you’ve published an ill-conceived post? How do you take it back??

– How do you handle comments? Moderate? Not allow?

– How do you build readership?

– How do you help non-writers blog?

– How can a non-profit raise money with a blog?

– What should an executive think / do / feel after finishing the book?

– What’s not in the book?


Download a PDF transcript of The Corporate Blogging Book Teleconference.


Thanks to Conference Calls Unlimited for sponsoring the teleconference.