Whosthere_coverBeen meaning to post this. I love the way Seth Godin writes. He inspires me to… just say it. Take out all those clauses and that clutter.

From the intro to his new e-book: “This is not a faq and it’s not the blogging bible and it’s incomplete… ” Of course he packs plenty into 45 pages.

Interestingly, (for those of you out there wondering what to do with all that stuff you write in your blog) he pulls a fair amount of this e-book straight out of his blog. As well he should. A blog is the perfect place to test out your ideas and just “get it down.”

Included are his riff on CEO blogs and his riff on why “small is the new big” (his most popular post ever, he says). And of course lots of useful tips on blogging and why it’s good for your business.

I’m wondering if he’s a “dog person” as opposed to a “cat person.” (They’re very distinct, IMHO.) The reason… he identifies three types of blogs:

Cat Blogs
He writes: “A cat blog is about your cat and your dating travails and your boss and whatever you feel like sharing… ”  Hmmm… being a dog person myself I’m wondering if a dog blog is yet another category.

Boss Blogs
He writes: “A boss blog is a fantastic communications tool. I used one when I produced the fourth-grade musical. It made it easy for me to keep the parents who cared about our project up to date… ” Another way to describe internal blogs whose purpose is project and knowledge management.

Viral Blogs
These are business or corporate blogs, of course. Seth: “These are the blogs that are changing the face of marketing, journalism and the spread of ideas… they’re viral blogs because the goal of the blog is to spread ideas.”

Download Who’s There here. Read Seth’s riff on it here.