Hey, cool to be blogtipped today by Easton Ellsworth on Business Blog Wire. I say “we” because the new design of BlogWriteForCEOs is the handiwork of my talented designer Sarah Lewis, with a lot of input from yours truly (her picky client). Thanks Sarah! Thanks Easton! Here’s what he wrote:

Blogtipping Victim/Beneficiary #3: BlogWrite for CEOs by Debbie Weil

Compliment 1: Beautiful layout.  Smart design, complimentary colors, sticky-note-looking indented quotes, etc.  I love it!

Compliment 2: Your
mug shot and “about”/subscribe info are up top.  Very important!  And I
love the calls to action – “Receive posts via email!”, “Grab Your
Feeds”, “Buy the Book,” etc.

Compliment 3: You
plug your book and your speaking/consulting services in non-annoying
ways.  In other words, you talk about corporate blogging and share a
relevant paragraph from your book, or a professional experience you’ve
had.  Makes me more interested in those things, without you needing to
yell them at me.  Nicely done!

Blogtip: I can’t figure out how you pronounce your last name.  Maybe you could explain that near the top of your “About” page.
Well, and what’s “PGP Key” supposed to mean?  Maybe that’s just some
code detritus?  There’s a wealth of info on that page, and I just think
it might need to be re-organized or condensed so as not to overwhelm or

Easton Ellsworth’s Blogtipping Day (August 1st, 2006)