Per usual, I’m getting snippets of news I can use from up2speed.

A recent post talks about RedPaper, a new marketplace for citizen reporters to sell their words for as little as two cents.

I dunno. I can’t shake my background as a real reporter & editor. Why should I spend my pocket change on this stuff?

Here’s how the site describes itself: RedPaper gives everyone the ability to be a reporter, have your own column, post articles, name your story price, and sell your work to millions of potential readers around the world.

Recent article postings cover vegetarian dogs & cats, celebrity sightings (Michael Jackson), a yummy sounding recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and lots of original poetry. Priced from $.05 to $.75.

Oops, I just recognized someone I know. Marketing expert Jon Lowder is selling 4 Simple & Free Steps to Market Your Biz Online for $.10.

Maybe I should sell the free guide to killer copywriting I offer to each new subscriber to WordBiz Report. Waddya think?