One of my favorite free downloads is available now from MarketingSherpa. It’s an annual report the MarketingSherpa editors put together by polling readers on their top challenges as marketers. I contributed a tidbit that appears as item #27 in the Web 2.0 section. Other topics include email, search marketing, advertising, metrics, business-to-business and — a new one I haven’t seen before — office politics!

Here’s part of what I wrote:

“I can tell you from experience that creating a corporate blog for a Fortune 500 company is one part big idea and nine parts down in the trenches parsing each word for tone, content, nuance, legal ramifications, etc.”

— by Debbie Weil for MarketingSherpa’s 2008 Wisdom Report

Download a copy of this 42-page free report here. (They will also mail you a hard copy.)