Just saw this today. GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner, who has never before contributed to GM’s FastLane blog, weighed in a couple of days ago with a long post on the behemoth’s turnaround plan, second quarter earnings, and “why there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic.” Wagoner writes:

“Although it hasn’t been fully recognized yet in the business media,
there are strong signs that GM’s already well on the way toward a
product-led resurgence.” – GM CEO Rick Wagoner

The post is signed by “editor” and was probably written by the comms department. But it signifies a couple of things:

– GM is serious about using the blog as a way to “talk back” to (or even circumvent) mainstream media

– Wagoner takes the blog seriously enough that he’s using it as a platform to put across a serious message about GM’s turnaround prospects.

– Wagoner and GM realize they can efficiently reach a whole lot of folks through the blog

[via Robert Scoble]

Interesting, huh?!