Speaking of blog writing by CEOs (or top execs), this is cool… I’m thrilled to announce that Bob Lutz, GM’s vice chairman of global product development, is writing the Foreword to my book, The Corporate Blogging Book (Penguin Portfolio).

Bob is GM’s most high-profile blogger as you probably know. Not too far a stretch to say he’s one of the first A-list bloggers for the Fortune 500.

I asked him… and he said Yes. He just emailed me a draft of the foreword. More than a draft really. It’s terrific. He’s an awfully good writer and yes, I think he wrote it himself. Thanks Bob, for a wonderful contribution to the book.

Oh, and we finally have a sub-title:

Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get It Right

I’m in the home stretch of writing although there’s still a ton left to do. (A thank you, BTW, to all the fantastic people who’ve taken time for
interviews and to give me their input. I wish I had time to speak with
everybody.) Publication date is mid-2006.

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How this book is different from the other blogging books coming out.