karen_wickre_google.jpgGoogler Karen Wickre is one of those behind-the-scenes brains who is way too modest. She currently manages Google's 38 public blogs, including Google's Official Corporate Blog and eight country blogs (for Brasil, China, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland and Russia). But you'll hardly ever see her by-line. She's the genie behind the blog who gives entries submitted by other Googlers a light edit to ensure a consistent and informal voice.

We talked about how Google's official blog got started in 2004, who writes the blog (generally it's product managers), how sensitive issues like the Google Book Search program were handled on the blog, and how many hours a week she spends in her managing editor role. About 60 percent of her time, she told me, including time spent helping to launch Google's country blogs.

I'll post the show as an MP3 later. In the meantime, have a look in the Comments below at the two questions that were submitted via by listeners via Instant Messenging.

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