Coverthumbnail_1Update: Did you miss the teleconference? Download the edited PDF transcript. It was a great session.

: Wednesday Sept. 20, 2006: 12 noon to 2 PM Eastern

Ticket to entry: purchase 5 copies of my new book, The Corporate Blogging Book, on 800-CEO-Read. Email your receipt to me at wordbiz(at) and I’ll forward you the dial-in info.

Who should participate? Anyone with a nitty-gritty question about corporate or CEO/senior executive blogging. I invite you to *grill me* on how to use blogs as part of your organization’s marketing communication’s strategy. Small business, non-profits, consultants, entrepreneurs welcome. Lots of air time for every participant.

What are folks saying about The Corporate Blogging Book? Brand Autopsy’s John Moore is calling it The Best Business Blogging Book. Read more reviews and news here.

What will you do with 5 copies of my new book? Easy. Give one to a customer, colleague, boss and your mom. Keep one for yourself!

Seth Godin is offering a Tiny Q & A Session for those who buy 11 copies of his new book (Small Is the New Big). I asked if he’d mind if I ripped off his idea.

Go right ahead, he said. (That’s one of the things I like about Seth. He lives what he preaches; i.e. viral marketing of his ideas is a good thing, as opposed to “stealing.”)

Grill me at a Blaa Blaa Blog Teleconference on Wednesday Sept. 20th from 12 noon to 2 PM Eastern

Now I’m not Seth Godin. I’m just Debbie. Although I am the, er, Mona Lisa of Blogging.

Tcbbfreechapter100px But my new book, The Corporate Blogging Book, is getting a great reception. Brand Autopsy’s John Moore is calling it The Best Business Blogging Book. Pete Blackshaw wrote a thoughtful review on ClickZ.

Paris-based Guillaume Du Gardier, Director of Online Communications for Edelman Europe, wrote me in an email, “I read through to the last word and loved it!”

Your ticket to entry

The teleconference is free if you order 5 copies* of my book on 800-CEO-Read. Think of it as a private seminar where you can ask any question you want about corporate or senior executive blogging. Normally I charge lots for this kind of customized training. For you, dear blog reader, the cost is less than US $100.

We’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of corporate and CEO blogging

I’ll speak for a few minutes to frame things up. The rest of the time, our session will be interactive.  You get to ask me any question you want about corporate or employee blogs. I can go online and critique your blog, for example, while we’re talking. Or you can ask me about a blog or blogs you’re contemplating. Or whether your CEO should blog.

To call into The Corporate Blogging Book teleconference (Sept. 20th, 12 noon to 2 PM Eastern)

1.  Buy 5 copies of The Corporate Blogging Book on

2. Email your 800-CEO-Read receipt to me at wordbiz(at)

3. I’ll send you the call-in number and any other details

4. Limited to the first 25 10 people who email me their purchase receipt. I want this to be a truly interactive event where everyone gets a chance to ask questions and participate.

If you buy 10 copies of my book…

In additon to your participating in the Sept. 20th teleconference, you can schedule a 30-minute one-on-one phone consult with me at a mutually convenient time.

*Why 5 copies?

Because it’s a reasonable number. I know you’ve got a boss, colleague, customer or client you can give a copy to.

Conference_calls_unlimited Hey, thanks to Conference Calls Unlimited for sponsoring The Corporate Blogging Book teleconference. A nice riff here from CCU CEO and blogger Zane Safrit.