I’ve been saying this for awhile (and it’s in my new book, The Corporate Blogging Book, on, er, pages 76 and 77). Namely, multiple-author corporate blogs will become more and more common as folks weary of the constant pressure to update and maintain a blog.

Now along comes Ana Marie Cox (aka Wonkette) to say the same thing in an interesting interview with The New York Times’ David Pogue.

Wonkette’s Ingredients for a Successful Blog (July 27, 2006 in Circuits):


“DP: So what are the ingredients then for a successful  blog, apart from being entertaining or snarky?

AMC: I think it’s changing. Six months, a year ago, I would have
talked about what I think made Wonkette successful and makes Gawker
successful, to a certain extent, and other blogs: A strong, defined
personality with a sense of humor about themselves. An ability to
filter news quickly and to recognize, you know, what is interesting to
other people as well as interesting to themselves, and finding the
balance between those things.

What I think is changing is that people have now become addicted to
the rapid update. You know, the not just 12 times a day; 18 times a
day, 24 times a day. And it’s almost physically impossible for one
person to do that.

And so I think that we’re probably going to see that the individual,
strong-personality blog is not going to be at the forefront, because
group blogs are going to be able to do what people expect of blogs