debbie_elf_wider.jpgHave you elfed yourself? Here's how I made a total elf of myself. Happy Holidays to all!

How & why to add video to your blog

youtube_mini.jpgGet step-by-step instructions in the current issue of WordBiz Report. Your blog will soon be sooo 2006 if it's not multimedia. Continue reading…

Need a keynote, workshop or Webinar on corporate blogging and social media?

tcbb-70px-xmas.jpgI'm giving presentations from Florida to Brussels that demystify the blogosphere for business folk. And update what's in my book. To wit, the new corporate blogosphere is multi-media and very global.

Think Fortune 500 CEO blogger Jonathan Schwartz's blog, translated into 10 languages. Think IBM's spoof videos on YouTube.

Call me direct at +1 202.364.5705 Eastern or email me at wordbiz(at) to learn more about how I can work with you. You can also use the contact link at the top of the page. My upcoming schedule.

Tune in to The Corporate Blogging Show

the_corp_blogging_show_cropped.jpgThe Corporate Blogging Show is now airing weekly on VoiceAmerica (TM) Business (Internet radio). Tune in live on Tuesdays at 12 noon Pacific. You can download the shows as a podcast

New! The Corporate Blogging Book will be published in Chinese

TCBB_cover_chinese.jpgThanks to Raven Lu Li, who lives in China and works for Accenture China, for translating Chapter 1 of my book into Chinese. Download Chapter 1 in Chinese. My publisher, Penguin Portfolio, has now sold the the mainland China rights to a Chinese publisher. Look for TCBB in Chinese in 2007!

Live interview on Britain's Sky News

debbie_weil_in_skynews_studio.thumbnail.jpgI was interviewed about corporate blogging in Sky News' London studio. Quite an experience as I'm kinda new at live TV. More…

Readers are saying… The Corporate Blogging Book is “a great read”

tcbb-70px-xmas.jpgNielsen BuzzMetrics' Pete Blackshaw gives The Corporate Blogging Book a thumbs up in a thoughtful review on ClickZ. More reviews and news here. Order your copy on Amazon or find it at Barnes & Noble, Borders and other bookstores.

Do you need a CEO Blogging Coach?

deb_weil_at_mesh_vy_steve_rubel.jpg Bill Gates does. Get the scoop…