Google yourself… That’s today’s pithy two-word tip from personal branding guru William Arruda. As he puts it: “Being Googled reveals how visible you are on the Web, and visibility (at least among your target audience) is critical to successful personal branding. Your Google results also become useful data points for those who are looking to make decisions about you.”

So… I googled him. 24,700 results for Arruda. #1 points to his site.

Then I googled yours truly. 77,900 results. #1 is this blog. Which proves that search engines love blogs. debbie’s blog is less than one year old. Whereas my site,, has been up since 1995.

Here are a few more: Seth Godin: 136,000 results. Ralph F. Wilson: 637,000 results. Martin Luther King: 2,480,000 results. Seamus Heaney (my favorite poet): 76,800.