I just watched the funniest video clip starring Steve Crescenzo, a corporate communications guru who also writes a very funny blog, Corporate Hallucinations. It’s a Rocky take-off (the 1976 movie starring Sylvester Stallone) set to the theme music, showing Crescenzo running, stopping to drink a beer, running, etc. etc., finally running up the steps… and collapsing in an exhausted heap.

He teaches advanced writing workshops for Ragan Communications. The mini video, accessible via this link through Ragan’s home page, is a promo for his workshops.

Well the guy is just… funny. And the clip is very effective as a marketing strategy.

I was thinking today about how your personal appearance can be so much a part of your schtick if you’re a speaker or presenter. Steve is a big guy and he’s bald. It works perfectly – even for a corporate audience. I wish I were something… more distinctive than the woman you see at left. (Yes, that’s me. My daughter says I look like a car salesman in the color version of the photo.)

I’m currently working with a tremendous speaking coach, Clarice Scriber, to take my speaking skills to the next level. It’s humbling, a little painful… and fascinating (in a weird way) to watch yourself on video and realize how many ways you can improve your delivery. (Clarice insisted I tape a recent speech I made to IPRA/PRSA-NCC.)

But I don’t think bald will do it…

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Speaking of Ragan, I’m running a workshop on Corporate Blogging 2.0 [scroll down – last item on the page] at Ragan’s mega 15th annual Corporate Communicators Conference in Chicago on Thursday, April 27, 2006. Give me a holler if you’re in Chicago and want to meet up for a drink the evening of Wednesday April 26th. You can email me at wordbiz(at)