Bbs_badge_1_6I’m heading to San Francisco early tomorrow to hang out and speak at the Blog Business Summit. I’m moderating a panel on corporate blogging featuring Michael Wiley, Director of New Media for GM and Paul Rosenfeld, General Manager of Intuit’s QuickBooks Online (Friday Aug. 19: 3:15 – 4:15 PM). I’ll also be doing a bunch of interviews for my blogging book, including one with Technorati’s Dave Sifry. Dying to know what the scoop is on whether he’s selling the company.

BTW, I am SO sorry I couldn’t attend BlogHer held two weeks ago in Santa Clara. It sounds like it was phenomenal. I couldn’t swing two trips to the West Coast so close together. Here’s a great write up by Forrester’s Charlene Li (whom I’m hoping to meet in San Francisco). And more here and here by Halley Suitt. They were on a panel together discussing how important it is (or isn’t) that so few women appear on the Top 100 Technorati list.

Hey guys… let’s continue this discussion at the BBS. It’s really a much broader question. I predict that counting the total number of blogs will soon become a quaint, old-fashioned metric. Who’s gonna care… By the same token, ranking blogs solely on quantity of inbound links (the current algorithm) will look simplistic and outdated. Mary Hodder is working on a community algorithm based on over 20 metrics.