Resource_guide_blog101_3I just finished writing & editing this new guide. Ever notice how the last thing you wrote is your favorite. So… at risk of sounding a bit salesy I thought you might be interested in how you can snag a complimentary copy of this 38-page PDF guide. Here’s what you do… The holiday promotion offering a free copy of my Beginner’s Guide to Business Blogging has ended. But you can still download a copy for a small fee. Go here.

Browse on over to the WordBiz Store and purchase anything (we’ve got reports for as little as $14.95) and we’ll email you the $29 PDF. You can search by topic AND price (use the drop-down at the top of the page). While you’re at it, you can browse the WordBiz Store by topic as well as price. Use the drop-down at the top of the page.

As for the Beginner’s Guide itself, it’s a quick, fun, informative read that explains the what, why and how of blogs. Clear, non-techie explanations. Useful links to show you examples of well-written business blogs. Tips and links for essential software, tools and resources. It’s laid out with lots of pull-quotes so you can skim. Oh, and you’ve got til midnight Dec. 31, 2004 ET to pick up your complimentary copy.