Good article in ClickZ offers 10 ways to use RSS as a marketer:

Now that Internet Explorer (IE) 7 has rolled out, it will be easier than ever to subscribe to RSS (Web feeds) through your browser. Reminder: that square orange icon you're seeing on a lot of Web pages – and on almost all blogs – tells you there is an RSS feed available.

The orange RSS icon means you can get an instant alert every time the Web page or blog is updated. Very useful, as you don't have to remember to visit the site yourself.

BTW, I'm a diehard Mac and Firefox user but I downloaded IE 7 to my Windows machine and I gotta say it's great. I like the simpler interface.

It's true that adoption of RSS has been much slower than expected. A recent eMarketer study estimates that 88 percent of employees don't know what RSS is. Never matter… this is *your* opportunity to get ahead of the crowd and learn how to use RSS on your site and in your marketing.

Here are some ideas from ClickZ writer Heidi Cohen. Her main point is that RSS feeds enable you to “parse content into small, digestible chunks that consumers want.”

Use RSS to:

  • distribute time-sensitive information
  • distribute content to mobile phones, iPods, PDAs
  • repurpose content such as white papers into smaller, sequential chunks.
  • etc.

The ClickZ article again: