After the question, “Er, what is a blog?” the 2nd most-oft asked question I get is, “I barely have time as it is to a) publish an e-newsletter or ezine b) maintain my Web site c) write anything coherent… how in heck will I find time to blog and often would I have to do it?” The answer… not that often. But several times a month at a minimum. If you’ve launched a blog and are not posting new entries once a week or so, you’re not blogging enough. The name of the game is fresh. Fresh content, fresh ideas, fresh ways of thinking, fresh links. So, regretfully, I’ve de-listed David Allen from my list (see right) of Thought Leadership Blogs. Allen is author of Getting Things Done and a sought-after productivity consultant. He gives workshops to Fortune 500 companies as well as individual professionals. Yeah, I actually check my own listings to make sure my “picks” are good examples. If you’re not, you’re off the list. Sorry…  Here’s Allen’s blog, which  he hasn’t updated since Oct. 31st.