April 12, 2007 teleconference available as a PDF transcript and MP3 audio recording

phone_m_2_gr_rt.jpgWhen the rubber meets the road, the content of your blog is what will determine its success or failure. By content I mean the topics, the writers, the voice, the links, the Comments from readers. The first teleconference in my series on corporate blogging focused on the knotty problem of how to create a content strategy for a corporate or organizational blog.

General Motors blogs about cars. Dell blogs about computers. Starwood blogs about hotels and travel. What should you write about? How interesting, really, are your widgets? Hint: unless you're a big brand, folks normally don't care that much about your widgets per se.

This event will soon be available as an audio / print bundle:

  • MP3 audio recording of the teleconference
  • Enhanced PDF transcript
  • Content Strategy Workbook (a downloadable PDF)

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I answered key content questions during this 60-minute audio session

I started with the 5 W's and H of journalism (who, what, why, when, where, how) and explained how to use them in planning a corporate or organizational blog. Then I addressed the following questions:

  • Who should write your blog?
  • Can you ghostblog for your CEO?
  • What about anonymous blogging?
  • Can a corporate blog have multi-authors and how do you choose your bloggers?
  • How do you choose topic(s)?
  • Do you need a blog editor and what should his/her role be?
  • If there's a PR or interactive agency involved, what is their role?
  • How do you get your readers to leave Comments?
  • … and a secret tip for how to publicize your blog to other bloggers and to MSM (mainstream media)?

Click here to download the (free) agenda for the April 12, 2007 teleconference.

How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Corporate Blog

Date: Thursday April 12, 2007 [event completed]

Time: 1:00 PM Eastern

Duration: 60 minutes

(10 AM Pacific; 11 AM Mountain; 12 noon Central; 1:00 PM Eastern; 6:00 PM London) 

Cost: Will soon be available as a PDF transcript and MP3 audio file. Pre-order now. US $97.


  • MP3 audio recording (60 minutes) you can download to your computer or iPod
  • Enhanced PDF transcript
  • 19-page Content Strategy Workbook

Content Strategy WorkbookNOTE: The Content Strategy Workbook is available now. You will be able to download it immediately after placing your pre-order. You will get download instructions for the transcript and MP3 audio file separately. 


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