I think so. As long as you don’t ask too often. Here’s why: many folks are shy about leaving a Comment, particularly if they’re not familiar with blogging etiquette. If they see other Comments, it can make it easier to jump in.

So here’s my request: head on over to GlaxoSmithKline’s official corporate blog for alli, the first FDA approved, OTC (over the counter) weight loss product. Take a peek and, if you’re inspired, leave a Comment.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re overweight or not, or whether you’re considering taking alli yourself. You may have seen the TV ads. GSK has launched a massive educational marketing campaign to support the product launch.

Traffic to the blog is steadily growing but readers seem a bit skittish about leaving Comments. Maybe you can help jumpstart the two-way conversation.

Full disclosure: I’m working with GSK on the blog. And this was my idea to ask for Comments.

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