I’m moderating a discussion on these knotty questions over on the iaoc blog this week.

Day 1: Is it OK to ghostwrite a CEO blog?

The consensus seems to be yes at least amongst the small group of writers who’re taking part in the discussion.

Feel free to add your two cents, either by adding a comment on the iaoc blog (you have to create a login which is kind of a pain but not hard to do). If it’s easier, click Comments below to add your thoughts.

Day 2: Should a ghostblogger for a CEO reveal him or herself?

Again the consenus, thus far, is very un-bloglike. I.e. “no.”

I’d really like to hear from readers who aren’t writers per se and who work in a corporate environment. Am I hopelessly naive to think that a CEO can write his or her own blog?

Is Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz the only Fortune 500 CEO with the writing chops to be a popular and highly-regarded blogger?

Waddya think?

Useful Link

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