Sunday afternoons always seem to be a good time to surf around a bit. Even on a holiday weekend. I’ve just added four new CEO bloggers to the list at right: Michel Edouard Leclerc, CEO of the E. Leclerc grocery chain in France, has a spiffy looking blog; technology entrepreneur and New Zealander Rod Drury is CEO of AfterMail; and the flamboyant Takafumi Horie is CEO of Internet company Livedoor (his blog is in Japanese). Thanks to New Zealand executive search consultant Steven Kempton for the tip about Takafumi’s blog. Steven calls  him the “Richard Branson of Japanese business” and notes that there are a number of well-read CEO blogs in Japan. Finally, Loic Le Meur is not a CEO per se but he’s head of Six Apart Europe. He blogs in both French and English.

If you know of other CEO blogs – particularly, non-U.S. – let me know! I’m looking for great examples and stories for my book (scroll down and leave your comment at the bottom of the page).

Useful Link: The NEWPRWiki’s list of CEO blogs