Back home in D.C. and fighting a wicked case of jetlag. OK, you don’t have to feel sorry for me. My two-week trip to China (sponsored by Edelman) was mind-blowing. China is big, new and shiny. Or at least the China you see in Beijing and Shanghai. I realize things would look quite different outside these two major cities. China is also complicated and nuanced. See my pics here. (I’ll try and label more of them.)

I met some amazing people, both Chinese and expats. The latter are a special group; really smart and committed. Many speak fluent Mandarin. See my list of must-reads about social media and Web 2.0 in China.

In the meantime, I was reminded of my silly addiction to the Internet by the Dilbert cartoon below. I saw it in the IHT while I was in Hong Kong on the way home. My sister-in-law has an iPhone and let me play with it recently. I have to say that as cool gadgets go… it’s really cool. I love what you can do with photos (squeezing the screen with your fingertips to modify the images, etc.)

I’m tempted to get one and not use the phone part. (AT&T has terrible coverage here in D.C. as well as other places I frequent.) But I’ll stick with Verizon for the time being. And no iPhone. Sigh…