It’s one thing to be Tweeting and obsessively checking your email in order to procrastinate about a writing project. It’s yet another to find yourself cleaning the toilet. The lizard brain, as Seth Godin calls it in his new book, LINCHPIN, will always win. Unless. Unless you identify the cunning excuses. And push through what Seth calls the resistance. Gitoutahere lizard brain. The toilet is looking good. Freewriting works. It breaks through writer’s “perfection anxiety.” And I’m on a roll.

Thank you, Seth.

Congrats again to Seth for today’s hugely successful launch of LINCHPIN. It’s a stunningly provocative book. He asked a bunch of “big thinkers” to write reviews: LINCH.PIN is currently #8 in bestselling books on Amazon. Buy it and read it if you haven’t already:

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