An article I wrote recently, 5 Key Questions (You’ve Been Dying to Ask) About Business Blogs, is being linked to a lot. Thanks to Chris Pirillo for passing these along. Frankly, I think the article raises more questions than it answers but it’s a start and a stab at discussing a new online trend that a lot of folks are just getting wind of. Yes, Virginia, there are still people out there who are new to blogging… lots of ’em, in fact.

In Dave Winer’s Scripting News (July 8, 2003)

A link from Blogs are described as being the hippest way to publish content to the web, the cool craze, and the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Link from Microsoft marketing manager John Porcaro’s Weblog

Link from Blogs4Business

Link from Rob Robinson’s Idea Engagement

5 Key Questions article was first published in WordBiz Report.