Geoff Livingston and I are planning Washington DC’s premiere Unconference (more definitions here and here). Naturally, it’s called BlogPotomac.

Update: why are we doing this? DC has a large but fragmented community of social media experts, practitioners, entrepreneurs, VCs, etc. We want to pull this community together and learn from each other. Plus, in Geoff’s words, “We don’t want to fly out to Silicon Valley all the time.”

Here’s our unscripted kick-off at a local Starbucks. We’re both Georgetown alums (Geoff is a CCT alum; I’m an IEMBA grad) so we’re hoping we can use Georgetown University as a venue. Tentative date: April 2008. Stay tuned!

Anyone have tips on uploading a .mov video file to YouTube??

P.S. The quality above is terrible. Maybe someone can help. I used my new Flip camcorder, which I love. The playback on the camera itself is incredibly sharp.

I uploaded the video to my MacBook Pro which automatically turns the file into a .mov. Tried repeatedly but couldn’t upload the .mov to YouTube. It “failed.” (This might have something to do with QuickTime version 7.2.0 – ?)

Then found a free app called MPEG Streamclip which converted the .mov file into a .mpeg. That uploaded fine to YouTube but compromised the quality. Any tips??