debbie_weil_in_skynews_studio.jpgI was interviewed in Sky News‘ London studio on Friday 20 October 2006. Wow… what an experience. I arrived, was led to “make-up,” had gobs applied (but rather skillfully). Then an assistant led me up to the gleaming blue and red news desk and sat me down next to the two correspondents who were anchoring Sky News’ morning segment.

skynews.jpg“Er, what do I do now,” I whispered into the assistant’s ear. Just look at the woman next to you when she starts asking questions, he advised. She smiled at me reassuringly once or twice but continued on with updates about Iraq, seamlessly alternating back and forth with the news anchor, a man, to her left.

All of a sudden he switched gears and launched into: “Blogging… it’s all the rage: pop stars are doing it, politicians are doing it… and now companies.”

Then she swiveled around and looked straight at me: “So tell us, Debbie, what is corporate blogging?” And within three minutes we were done.