A freelancer called me today for an article she’s working on for Microsoft Home Magazine about the social networking phenomenon.

While answering her questions about why more and more folks are using social networking sites like LinkedIn, I clicked over to MySpace – the largest of the social networking sites and the second largest destination on the Web as measured by page views.

You may recall the ComScore report from October 2006 that said over half of MySpace visitors are 35 or older.

If you want to find out what all those grownups are doing on MySpace, check out the thousands of MySpace groups, from Automotive (55,302 groups) to Non-profit and Philanthropic (21,185 groups).

Note that there’s a drop-down so you can change the display to Dutch,
French, German, Italian and Spanish. Check out the groups formed in
those languages (far fewer but still in the dozens and hundreds).

44,191 books are mentioned on MySpace blogs.

Useful Link

Stats on MySpace Mania from Steve Rubel