MarketingSherpa has just announced the results of their readers’ votes for 2006 Top 10 Favorite Marketing Blogs. If you’re looking for some new blogs to troll, this is a good list to start with.

But there are lots more blogs on this topic (see P.S. below). Here are a few from Sherpa’s list that I’m a big fan of:

Seth Godin’s blog

Brian Carroll’s B2B Lead Generation
His blog is a nice complement to his new book: Lead Generation for the Complex Sale

Chris Baggott’s Email Marketing Best Practices
Just heard Chris speak at WOMMA’s San Francisco conference. He was terrific.

John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing
Note all the new contributors to his Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel.

P.S. and more useful links

Sherpa’s list is a good one, but nowhere near complete. While I respect their readers’ votes, I can think of a dozen other blogs on the topics of marketing, PR, social media, etc. that are just as good. A sampling in no particular order:
MarketingProfs Daily Fix
Guy Kawasaki
Blogs4biz (in Italian)
Forrester’s Charlene Li
Elizabeth Albrycht’s CorporatePR

and many others… Feel free to add a few of your favorite marketing/PR blogs below.