phone_m_2_gr_rt.jpgGood blogging is good writing. Or, as they say more lyrically in French, “Un bon blog repose sur une belle plume.” Join me for a one-hour teleconference on how to write an effective blog on Thursday May 24, 2007 at 1:00 PM Eastern. I'll discuss: how to choose your blog writer(s), why you need a blog editor, tips and tricks for effective blogging, etc. Learn more and register now ($97 fee includes audio link so you can listen to the session later as well as an enhanced PDF transcript of the event.)

Note: this is a per-person fee and not a site license. 

I will cover:

– How to choose your blog writer(s)

– What the role of a blog editor is

– How to train your writers in the basic elements of blog writing style

– Advanced tips for effective blog writing (linking tricks)

– How to keep the momentum going (finding content, motivating your bloggers)