I’ll admit it. I’m a Seth Godin fan, maybe even a groupie. His approach to marketing is so clever. He tells us something quietly provocative, something remarkable, with value to us. We tell our friends or followers. They tell theirs.

He’s done this over and over. So perhaps it should be obnoxious. But it’s not. Usually because what he’s telling us about (one of his books, a social networking site) is very cool.

I’m also a groupie because I’ve met Seth a couple of times and he’s been kind and encouraging. “Call yourself the Mona Lisa of Blogging,” he advised. I did, for a while, even though some folks laughed. He also wrote a blurb for my book.

How to attend Tribes launch in New York

Anyway, he announced this morning that he’s doing a live event in New York on Wednesday Oct. 22, 2008 to launch his new book, Tribes. He’s calling it “a brand new presentation about leadership and tribes and connection.”

The event starts at 9:15 AM. Location: the New York Times building at 242 W 41st Street between Seventh and Eighth Ave. There are several ways you can sign up to attend (purchase a VIP ticket for $250, buy three copies of his book from 800-CEO-Read, or request a free seat via email). Details here.

The kicker?

He’s inviting us to take notes and to video his talk. Then he’ll give us a copy of his slides with permission to remix our own presentation about his topic.

Brilliant, IMHO. He’s turning us into word-of-mouth ambassadors, but more than that. He’s telling us that we’re all remarkable enough to stand up on a stage and speak. Maybe add a twist—and thus pass on his ideas (and of course, recommend his new book). This is flattering… and challenging.

He’s also announced his latest ebook or manifesto, based on Tribes. You can download the PDF here.

How to meet up with me

Oh, about meeting up, Twitter me or leave a Comment below and we’ll figure out where to meet up before or after the event.